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We all have the potential to write effectively, provided we are willing to practise frequently and learn from our mistakes.


It takes time and effort to improve your writing, and the process is iterative. You need to focus on the sound and feel of every word, vary your sentence structure and make an impact on the reader through striking verbs and adjectives, and powerful use of imagery.


You need to know the form and structure of a narrative and a persuasive text. It is important that you strive to orient, engage and affect the reader, and influence them through the precise and sustained choice of effective language and a cohesive structure.


Your writing pocket size booklet has unpacked the marking guidelines for you and includes a list of figurative and persuasive devices, as well as challenging spelling words to learn. 


The toughest challenge is that you have 10 minutes to plan and 30 minutes to write a complete narrative or persuasive argument. You must connect your response to the stimulus!

The Marking Guides for narratives and persuasive writing feature sample scripts and their marks. 



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