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Reading is the complex art of understanding the meaning being conveyed through the form, structure, and language used in texts. You have to be able to locate, identify and interpret information. You need to identify the purpose and key message of the text to understand the meaning.  


In NAPLAN, you will be asked a variety of questions (about 50 from 8 texts) that demand different levels of understanding. The types of questions are:



  1. Literal: Reading on the lines! You are required to recognise or recall information based on the words and/or images in a text.

  2. Inferential: Reading between the lines! You have to uncover the meaning of words and/or images. This involves identifying the key messages or ideas and discovering the relationships that are formed through facts, ideas, etc. You need to be able to appreciate the overall meaning of a text and consider how and why you are being positioned to respond to a text.

  3. Evaluation: Reading between and beyond the lines! You are required to make judgements based on the facts and information provided.

  4. Creative: Reading between and beyond the lines! Based on the information in the text, be able to make predictions or demonstrate deeper insights.

  5. Analytical: Reading between and beyond the lines! Connecting the information provided in the text to your own personal experiences.

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