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The numeracy tests assess the proficiency strands of understanding, fluency, problem-solving and reasoning across the three content strands of mathematics: number and algebra; measurement and geometry; and statistics and probability.


There are two types of test items: multiple-choice and constructed response. You will sit two numeracy tests; one which does not allow the use of a calculator and one in which a calculator is permitted.


The minimum standards for numeracy describe some of the skills and understandings you are generally expected to demonstrate at your particular year of schooling. The standards are intended to be a snapshot of typical achievement and do not describe the full range of what you are taught or what you may achieve.


When you are doing the test, remember to do the following:


1.      Clarify: Identify what the question is asking.

2.      Choose: Decide what Maths you need to use to answer the question.

3.      Interpret: Ask if your solution worked and if it makes sense in response to the question.


QLD has a good website with tests and information: 


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